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I got up early to take care of some paperwork that needs to be handed over asap - I wonder why in this day and age of online services and the internet, one has to manually move himself from one place to another to hand something over - and the person accepting it seemed a bit confused.

Not by the documents itself, but when I asked if I could hand over a second piece of paper she squealed "what is that?" and after I explained that it was a document from the organization she works for (duh!) she insisted that it wasn't. It was from "the main branch" and I should deal with them directly. In the end she decided she'd send it on, along with the other paperwork. Why all the bickering in the first place, woman?!

Same thing goes for banks - unrelated as I've not suffered the pleasure in the past 2 months - but if I'm a customer of Bank ABC, and I walk into a branch of Bank ABC, I expect to be able to complete whatever business I have. I don't want them to say "oh, we'll accept this but have to send it on to your own branch". I want customer satisfaction, pronto!

I think I may be a bit demanding...

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No, you are NOT too demanding. Keep claiming! You are the customer. The one who pays for the services and so indirectly the wages of those who work for the concerned companies.

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