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Tai is still sniffing out the place after two men came over this morning to check and replace the meters on the heating. This is a yearly event, but as Tai ain't here that long yet, he hadn't seen them before. Usually when people come in, Tai greets them and wants to play. Today he went in "hiding" mode and even now after they've gone for over 15 minutes, he's not yet convinced they're gone.

The good news is that while last year I used up 28 calories total, this year I only used 16,5! I've got no real clue how that's possible, apart from the fact that last year the winter wasn't so cold maybe? Good news nonetheless. We'll see where we end up next year, with the prediction this winter could be harsh.

Here I am, it's before nine and I'm up and running around. Not at this time - hard to write while running around and all - but the next thing on my to-do is around 11h30, so I've got some time to spare. I'll enterTai the cat while doing some laundry.


Exactly what I'm doing at the moment: laundry and entertaining the dog. At the same time Hilda is trying to get some wallpaper on my walls (where-else?). When the next machine of laundry is finished I'm gonna give her a hand with that! Have a nice day!

Duck! There'll be "pap" flying around again I think ;)

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