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It's been a while since I wrote about politics, hasn't it? Lately I covered quite some technical subjects, I wrote about my crazy cat, my broken car and my lack of a love life. All pretty boring, so why not revive a topic that's been off the blog for too long? With the upcomming election in Belgium - tomorrow - I thought it was a good opportunity to take a look at all parties and decide who I'll be voting for. It's not as if I have no clue yet, but the details ain't set in stone.

First of all, tomorrow I have to work. Which is a perfectly legal reason not to vote, I even have a letter from my employer stating that I'll be working on sunday and am thus exempt from casting my vote. Belgian citizens are obligated to vote, it's madatory. Unless you find a way out of it, that is. That's the way most people see it, but I disagree. I don't have the obligation to vote, I have the right to do so. I can express my choice in the votingbooth, I have a "democratic" voice in the ruling of Belgium. I'm a small nut or bolt in the complete and complex mechanism that makes things work - or not work - in this tiny country of ours. And I'm glad to be part of it.

So, even though I have a way out, I'll do everything possible tomorrow to go and cast my vote. It's not an obligation, it's my right.

Let's take a look at the options and parties :

For the district I can choose between VLD - Vivant, sp.a - spirit - groen!, Vlaams Belang/VLOTT, CD&V/N-VA and PVDA+. VLD - Vivant have no topics or ideas that attract me, so I probably won't be voting for them. Vlaams Belang and VLOTT are the right wing extremists whom never have actually "ruled" and play the underdog because "the majority is denying 30% of the voters their right to participate". Whether or not the "Cordon Sanitaire" is a good thing or an instrument of the devil remains to be seen, but they certainly won't be getting my vote.

PVDA+ is located quite far left on the political scale, and I know little of their ideas and programs. Dirk Van Duppen is a local doctor and candidate for PVDA+, and I've read one of his books, which was very interesting. Interesting enough to give my vote to them, I don't know. Probably not.

Which leads me to sp.a - spirit - groen!,a tri-party setup, that looks promising. I've voted sp.a in the past, I have also voted groen! in the past, which makes 2 out of three. Not bad an option. Quite likely to get my vote.

CD&V/N-VA has become the hype of the town, with Yves Leterme scoring well in polls. But is their program strong enough to convince me? Maybe, maybe not.

Does it come to anyones surprise that I'll probably be voting left'ish? Who will you be voting for?


I'll vote for same party as always...
who that is, well thats my secret, maybe it's not even one of the above mentioned party's...

there's a party called S.E.X. who'm i really like ;)

I don't feel like I have much choice 'cause VLD is too liberal, VB is too extreme and CD&V is too traditional (for someone living unmarried together and with no intention on having kids). So what's left? But they made things easy in Hasselt, 'cause the major parties have joined in one list called pro-Hasselt (alle parties except the already named opposite parties). Since I quite like what they did in the past for the city, I think they can coun't on me (for the first time that is; with the previous election we still lived in another city).

Joco, I think I know what party you'll be voting for, but you are correct : it is private and no one will ask you if you don't feel like telling.

What I do know though is that you won't be voting SEX since it's just 1 candidate, and he's male ;)

NEE with Tania Derveaux maybe, but not SEX.

Marianne, I totally understand that. If a group of people can get things accomplished, and you like what they did in the past, you automatically wonder what they can do to improve thing even more in the next years.

lol, i 'm sure you DON'T know who'm i've voted for ;)

Owkee... then I don't know :) I could only guess, that's true.

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