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I'm quickly popping in to check the current situation on the road before I head off to work. Yesterday around this time everything had come to a standstill - once again - and I don't plan to be stuck in a traffic jam.

Today is the first of 6 late shifts, followed by 2 days off, two early shifts, one day off and then night shift again. After that - if all goes well - I'll be off for a complete week. Imagine that ;)

I'm gonna see if I can get Tai to come back inside because he's chasing a straw of grass all over the balcony, and he probably won't like being interrupted. Not that I pay any attention to that, but it's fun to see him play with whatever he encounters on his "journeys". As long as he doesn't go basejumping, it's all fine with me!

Oh, interesting read : The Death of Ephemeral Conversation by Bruce Schneier. I obviously think about what (or how) I write on this blog - and so should you when you publish online - but do you give as much attention to it when chatting, sending mail or IM's?

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