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I can't really say I worked "hard" today, but I did get some things accomplished that were on my ever expanding to-do list for quite a while. After I got up around one, I disassembled some more parts of the lighting in the kitchen and drove over to B. & H. Much to my surprise, B. actually figured my idea would be feasible and after we discussed some more things to watch out for, I was quite convinced it could work. If you kind of followed this blog, you must remember the smart idea I had a while back : purchase led spots to replace halogen spots and thus save on energy. Let me assure you that it's not just "swap" bulbs around.

Anyway, to cut a long story short : it works. I now have 3 out of four spots replaced and I just have to pop in a bulb in the last socket to make that light up as well. While taking one thing off my to-do list, I put a new line onto it : purchase another led spot. This way I'm not really seeing the list get shorter, am I?

While over there, dad complained that the print server we had installed a couple of weeks ago stopped working. After adding the LaserJet 6L to the setup, things went wrong. I took a look and it took quite some fiddling and magical google'ing to find the answer. One has to define the ports by number, where 9100 is parallel port 1, 9101 is number two and guess what... 9102 is three. No surprise there. However, every time I changed the port number for one of the devices, it would automagically change the other device as well. Resulting in the 6L using the 690C driver, or vice versa. Not good. The trick is to define a second TCP/IP port with the same address, but a different name and assign each port number it's own device port number. Simple, once you figure it out.

Then we searched for a USB cable that was nowhere to be found, but it turned up in the end. I changed Hil's printer over from parallel mode to USB and shared it over the network. Everybody happy again.

After a very nice homemade meal, we chatted for a while before I drove back home. I used the power cable I got from dad to get my own printer hooked up to the network and I'll be setting it up shortly - or at least within the next week or so.

Quite a busy sunday, taking care of all these little things one leaves to do another time. In preparation of my week off from work, I borrowed a set of torx screwdrivers from my dad, so I can work on the car more easily. I plan on ordering the bass bins - part of the sound upgrade - and an under seat tray, which will require completely taking apart the dashboard. A challenge for sure, but worthwhile in the end I suppose.

I doubt the ITG air filter I ordered long time ago will ever be delivered, as the shop I bought it from doesn't react to e-mail at all. And I refuse to make international calls to check up on things that should be going smoothly in the first place. The problem is though, that I can't seem to find any store in Belgium that can supply me with a BH-169 ITG air filter :(

If you read this and know for certain where - in Belgium - I can get such a filter, please, leave a comment!

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Why don't you use Skype to check about the ITG filter? Skype is ever so cheap. Especially for international calls.

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