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Today has been good so far, let's see if we can keep it up. When I woke up and checked my mail, I finally got the codes I needed to complete an order done on the 12th of this month. Whomever said webshops were easy and efficient needs to think again.

Off to the bank I go, to do some international transfers, and there it turns out they can't do it because they're not my bank. Well, it's not the branch where I'm customer, but it is the same bank of course. After seeing if we could do it manually and then send the paperwork to my branch, I said I'd drive over there myself and deal with it directly. The lady behind the counter was kind of cute by the way, but most of all friendly and fun. Good to know, maybe I should consider switching branch ;)

I head over to W. where there's a local market going on, thus not much parkingspace available. I decide to use the super duper powers of the smart fortwo I drive and park right in front of a large ornament that sites between two legit parking spots, whom are both taken. Problem solved! It wouldn't have been possible with any other car if you ask me.

While en route to the bank, I run into B., the sister of my ex girlfriend. I wasn't really paying attention but she immediately recognized me and we spent a couple of minutes talking and catching up. It was great to see her again and have a chat.

Off to the bank - nothing worth mentioning about that, everything went smooth - and then back home after getting diesel in the car's tank so I get to and back from work the next days. Or how a totally uneventful day can turn into one to blog about.

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