Modding a smart - the wrong way

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Ah... today I received my new aerials, to replace the functional but butt ugly long antenna on the smart fortwo. It looks slick, so as I got home and found the package in my mailbox, I changed clothes and off I went to the garage to take the old antenna off and put the new one in place. Piece of cake, a walk in the park for a handyman as I undoubtedly am.

I grab the old antenna and twist it counterclockwise. Nothing moves. Ok, maybe I've got a bad grip on the small base of the aerial, so I try again. Whomever tried moving a mountain knows it takes some practice to finally do it. I figure the same goes with unscrewing antennas, right?

I hop in the car and take out the owners manual - which is by the way in french, quite handy - and find a section on how to remove the antenna. Twist counter clockwise. See, I knew I was correct. Happily I jump back out of the car and twist again. Hm... nothing. Maybe some crud has gotten stuck between the joints, so I give it a few taps to loosen things up.

I get my tools out and start working on the antenna, in the process damaging the plastic cover, but that doesn't matter, I'll be replacing it anyway! 30 minutes later, I've hacked my way through more plastic and finally get a grip on the thing : twist, snap, done! I've got an old smart antenna in my hand, phew! And then it dawns on me... it didn't unscrew, it snapped. Now I'm stuck with a bolt embedded in my car, and no way to refit the old antenna, or fit the new one. One point for the car I suppose. I'll see if I can find a replacement connector somewhere this week, and take more parts of the car apart to fit it. Then, maybe, I'll be able to fit the shorter antenna.

I hope replacing the interior mirror stud with a shortened version will be easier and especially more successful. I can already see me having to replace the complete windshield :(

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LOL A few taps to loosen things up, ey? You've got a dad who did so with the drying machine Result: quite similar.

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