Mobile again


I just picked up my new wheels. First impression is that it is more "noisy" as the forfour, but not too bad. I'm getting used to the softip gear as well, and it's damn easy to drive it. Tomorrow I'm off to get some paperwork for the insurance completed and then we're all set. I just filled up the fortwo at the gasstation and tanked a total of 12 liters of gasoline, lol.

Now... I wonder whether I'll be able to get to work, as the ringway around Antwerp is (once again) totally blocked.


picture! picture! picture!

Happy driving with the new one!

Nadia, I'll try posting some pictures on thursday, when I've got a day off. I may post them here on the blog, or possibly in the photogallery.

Hilda, thanks! I may stop over tomorrow when I return from the insurance broker in Pulle.

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