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Yesterday before my nightshift, I worked out for 45 minutes. I normally have a 1 hour session, but it rubbed the wrong way so I changed some workouts around. Instead of cycling and jogging for 40 minutes, I did so for 20 and added some powerlifting to the mix. I feel the effects of the latter today : everything hurts, but it's a sweet pain ;)

This morning around seven I fixed some problem that had been bothering me since the migration to thunderbird. Some of my mailaccounts refused to send out mail over the correct servers and instead used the default, thus resulting in a (soft)fail on SPF checks. That's fixed.

And right now - after a couple hours of sleep - I'm gonna help clueless punters out that were looking for help and somehow ended up at Let's take look at the questions they had :

Unknown was asking about "bed and mirror placement" through Google. The answer is simple : the mirrors should go above and near the head of the bed. This will give you and your partner and excellent show when you get it on. Next!

Another Unknown was looking for information about urethral stuffing, also through Google. It's not really something I enjoy, but I can certainly point you in the right direction. BMEzine Hard (NSFW) will have a visuals of what you search for, and (NSFW) has more info about the tools used and risks involved. Next!

Unknown in the UK used Ask to find information about dildo. A very short search term, and not really specific. What he or she wants to know about dildoes remains a question. Which one to purchase? ("dildo review" would have been a better choice) Where to buy a dildo online? (dildo +shop +UK) I can't really help here without more specifics. Anyway, the short answer is "yes". Toys can be fun. Next!

Someone else asked Google about Tragger Hippy video. The answer is simple : (site is down for the moment). Next!

Finally, someone asked Google what is included in a vet visit? Usually anything you pay for, my friend! I doubt you can get extra fries or a large coke with your visit, but a vets visit should - most of the time - result in an animal feeling happier/healthier.

That's it for now, thanks for all the questions and see you again!

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