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The sun is shining so I'm gonna head out again. I've been doing things all day long, but there's even more to do. If you wonder what I've done so far, it's easy : I've been toying around with the car again :) Who would have thought?

I had hoped the airscoop would arrive today, but as the mailman did his round through the street, dropping small parcels here and there, he neglected my door and drove off. Ah well... maybe tomorrow?

So I went out and started searching for some thick sturdy wire mesh. None to be found of course, so I took matters into my own hands and bought a tray made out of wire mesh and cut it up. Nothing stops me! About an hour or so later - and painful streaks across my fore arms - the wire mesh is nicely fit behind the front grille of the car. Pictures - as usual - in the Photo Gallery. Tai really disliked all the noise I was making out on the balcony when cutting the mesh, so he went to hide. As soon as I quit making a terrible noise, he went back to his sofa to sleep the sleep of sleepiness. Or something like that...

While shopping, I came across a set of 4 led lights, 12V which included a transformer. Yay! I picked up a set and may try replacing the old powerful transformer with this new one so I can reassemble my kitchen. If it works - I really suck at electrical stuff - I will probably pick up another set to fit over the kitchen counter.

Off to call Joco and possibly pick up some stuff I ordered. You'll read more tomorrow or whenever something slightly interesting happens.

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