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I just ordered 3 more white led spots (one to use in the kitchen, 2 for the bedroom) as well as 3 E14 socket yellow led spots to use in the living room. I only needed 1 white for the kitchen, but as I continue replacing old bulbs with newer technology, I may as well save on shipping costs. They should arrive within a day or two, I've dealt with this German shop before and they deliver quickly.

What else has been going on today? The mailman woke me up by ringing the bell around noon, he had a parcel from Italy, and I've been up since then. Which is too early considering I'll be working the night shift. Ah well... such is life.

I attempted moving the fire extinguisher from the drivers seat to the passengers seat, but couldn't get the bolts holding the seat in place loose, not even after applying WD40 to them. I may try again tomorrow or postpone till next week when I may be working on the car quite often.

There may be good news in regard to the ITG air filter I blogged about earlier - I posted my concerns about Smarts R Us in the UK and it was sort of confirmed that the shop has lousy delivery times and are generally a pain in the ass to deal with. Even trying to cancel your order seems to be a mission impossible, but Paul ended up with 2 air filters and he may be willing to sell me one, and Kane said he'd check whether he had one laying around as well. Ain't it nice when fellow smart owners help each other out?

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