I promise to be good

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It doesn't matter how I shake it, look at it, or like it : 4AM is either too early - or too late. Off to work in a few, I hope I get through the day.

Oh, my airscoop arrived just after writing that post yesterday, but I didn't find the time to get it fitted as I was on my way to Joco and Eef to pick up some things. Maybe this or tomorrow afternoon. I also gave the new transformator a quick look yesterday and I think I could convert it to work with the old spot lights, but I'll run it by someone much more knowledgeable to make sure I don't set the place on fire.

Off to work now! Tata...

PS : I just ripped a gigantic fart. The place now smells of rotten eggs. Yum! Hope you read this while having breakfast ;)

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