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A couple of hours after I got out of bed, my doorbell rang, it was the mailwoman dropping off a small packet which contained my interior mirror shortened stud, purchased from smart-zierteile in Germany. While they offer mostly visual and show element upgrades, I consider this one to be much more. The original stud placed the interior rear mirror so low that a large portion of your view was blocked when driving. Not safe at all!

So, after fitting - successfully might I add - this small mod, it improved my front view very much while only providing a little less rear view. If you ask me, it's more important to see what's happening in front of you opposed to knowing what goes on behind. That's why this is a very recommendable moddification of every smart owner cursing the original rear mirror placement every time they drive around.

The 30mm shortened stud came with full assembly instructions, but for those of you wanting to see exactly how it's done, check out the Evilution Smart Standard Rear View Mirror replacement how to. My advice is not to go for the ultra short studs though, as the tail light will block most of the view then. I'm very happy with my 3cm shorter stud.


This is the first time I hear a man saying he's pleased with his 30 mm stud.

Lol! It's not the size Hilda, it's how you use it ;)

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