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It's hard to believe it's a sunday morning, ain't they supposed to be relaxed and a day of rest? Not here at FK headquarters! I got up at 8:45 and immediately got going. I've been preparing food for the past 45 minutes and now have to run 'coz I've got another appointement at ten, which I'll probably be late for otherwise.

There's a bunch of other things still on my plate, but it'll all depend on how long it takes to fix the problems D. is having. Bye!!!!

Update : Apparently, they had Office 2003 installed all along, just never activated or used it. When I was over there last week, I had installed a number of patches, some of them for Office 2003. This triggered Outlook 2003 to become the default mail client instead of Outlook Express they used before. Simple as that and easy to fix. Everyone but me is happy again. Coz I had to get up too early to fix something I didn't break in the first place. Arrrgh!

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You're the first Belgian blogger I've seen blogging in English, apart from myself.

doorgeklikt via technorati.

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