firefox takes another step forward

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For everyone that has been waiting for it anxiously - probably just me - it is possible to grab firefox 2.0 even though the mozilla homepage still lists as the latest available version : check some of the local FTP mirrors (I grabbed mine at and you'll see 2.0 is available already.

Note : some extensions "broke" after installing the brand new 2.0 branch, but I guess they'll be updated to work on 2.0 soon enough. Pimpzilla has a a 3.35 version available which seems to work on firefox 2.0. Happy testing!

For the really geeky people out here, here's an overview of browser versions used to visit :

IE : 52.21 % (89% uses v6.0, 4.24% uses the latest 7.0 version)
firefox : 41.15% (96% uses v1.5.0.7, 1.08% uses soon to be released 2.0)
Netscape : 2.65% (100% uses v7.2 - hi dad!)
Opera : 2.21%
Safari : 1.33% (hi Ash!)
Konqueror : 0.44%

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Oh yeah! Safari! That's me! I think I like Safari about as much as I like Firefox. Good stuff!

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