I had been looking forward to seeing An Inconvenient Truth for the past two months and when it premiered yesterday I went out and saw it. Quite impressive and comparable with the "The Truth and Lies of 9/11" documentary that I talked about earlier. Don't expect explosions, over-the-top computer animated special effects or car chases. This movie can be brought down to this :

Al Gore and a bunch of charts, figures and trends.

If you think that would make a very boring movie, you're wrong. I was taking mental notes all the time, though most of the facts and figures I already knew about in some way. Maybe not the specifics, but one can't deny things are changing. If you want to know more, take a look at

If you'd like to state that watching a movie won't make the world a better place, you are of course correct. I didn't need "An Inconvenient Truth" to take action, I've been doing it for a couple of years, and so can you! All the electricity I use at home is solar and windpowered, I currently drive a car that does +56 mpg, and once I am financially back on track I will probably be replacing the glass in my windows with a super insulated version to reduce heating costs and thus reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses produced.

Whomever says that going green will decimate the economy, has a hidden agenda, let me tell you that!

PS : It seems this blog has a very loyal fan : meet Linda from the UK. ;)


HAHA! Loved the tattoo thingie!

Nothing to do with Al Gore's movie. Just thought I'd share that I had such a lovely dream about you last night. You came to visit again, and much fun ensued. And stuff. *ahem*

I think it's so odd that I have dreams about you so frequently. Don't you?

Anyway... smooch smooch! and all that mushy crap!

Those are called nightmares, not dreams, Ash :)

Glad to hear from you again! Once IAM is back up on it's feet, I'll send you a nice IM...

Leuk die Linda!

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