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It wasn't really a lazy sunday afternoon, but how could it be? It's saturday!

Anyway, I got upwith a headache, I've been shitting liquidized poop for the past day or so, and my stomach hurts on the left side. I think I'll have to go in for a complete overhaul soon. Work was quite busy and became a bit stressful at one point but in the end didn't really turn into a bad thing. My colleague turned up and hour late though, so I had to work overtime and only then leave for a quick round at another site. It'll add about 1h and 15 minutes to this months total time worked, which is always a good thing.

Off to bed now, and I'll sleep till noon at least I think. Which is 13h00 as tonight we turn the clock back one hour. Then I'll rip out some bits and pieces in my kitchen and head over to B & H's place so they can take a look at what I'm trying to do. I'm sure B. will come up with an answer - and possibly even a complete solution - so I can reinstall my kitchen properly. Now it's a bit messy with boards being out of line, screws laying around loose and things like that.

* Even though the title may suggest something else, unfortunately no screwing of the entertaining kind has been going on before, during or after the writing of this post. I'm a master of suggestive wording, that is all.

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