A busy day so far

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I've been up for ages, or at least that's how it feels. I woke up a first time today at 04h06 this morning, only to fall asleep again somehow and the next thing I remember is looking at the clock and seeing 04:42 advertised in bright red letters. I normally leave around that time for work, so I jumped out of bed, got into the car - along the way I managed to get dressed I think - and headed off for my last early shift. I made it to work in time, phew!

After work was done, I got home, entertained Tai and headed off to the sauna with Joco and Eef for a great time relaxing. It was mucho fun and so good it's hard to believe. I'm dead tired now though, and while I would like to watch The Unit on TV, I think I may crash during and head off to bed instead. Tomorrow I'm not setting the alarm and will just wake up when my body is rested enough.

That was it for today I suppose. I've got some new information during the day on which I'm still making up my mind, but I'm not yet sure what to make off it, nor what to make of my own ideas in relation to it all. I may bounce some vague ideas or related stories off on my readers, but I'm not sure if it's fit for publication, nor whether I'd like to give away that much. We'll see...

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We are curious allright. Hence, have a long rest first and then reconsider whether you tell us more or not.;-)

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