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It wasn´t me!

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When I swiped my access card in front of the card reader this morning, I thought "Nice, 10 minutes to six, I should get home early!"

That idea soon vanished though as I saw signs lighting up above the highway stating an accident had happened in the direction I was going. Instead of the usual 30 to 35 minutes it takes me, the trip home was an hour and 20 minutes. 4 out of 5 lanes closed, some vehicules and at least one truck piled up, quite the mess.

Those of you travelling from Ghent to The Netherlands over the Antwerp Ringway, don't bother trying to get anywhere before ten. Believe me.

I should be sleeping!

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I just ordered 3 more white led spots (one to use in the kitchen, 2 for the bedroom) as well as 3 E14 socket yellow led spots to use in the living room. I only needed 1 white for the kitchen, but as I continue replacing old bulbs with newer technology, I may as well save on shipping costs. They should arrive within a day or two, I've dealt with this German shop before and they deliver quickly.

What else has been going on today? The mailman woke me up by ringing the bell around noon, he had a parcel from Italy, and I've been up since then. Which is too early considering I'll be working the night shift. Ah well... such is life.

I attempted moving the fire extinguisher from the drivers seat to the passengers seat, but couldn't get the bolts holding the seat in place loose, not even after applying WD40 to them. I may try again tomorrow or postpone till next week when I may be working on the car quite often.

There may be good news in regard to the ITG air filter I blogged about earlier - I posted my concerns about Smarts R Us in the UK and it was sort of confirmed that the shop has lousy delivery times and are generally a pain in the ass to deal with. Even trying to cancel your order seems to be a mission impossible, but Paul ended up with 2 air filters and he may be willing to sell me one, and Kane said he'd check whether he had one laying around as well. Ain't it nice when fellow smart owners help each other out?

Sunday, sunday

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I can't really say I worked "hard" today, but I did get some things accomplished that were on my ever expanding to-do list for quite a while. After I got up around one, I disassembled some more parts of the lighting in the kitchen and drove over to B. & H. Much to my surprise, B. actually figured my idea would be feasible and after we discussed some more things to watch out for, I was quite convinced it could work. If you kind of followed this blog, you must remember the smart idea I had a while back : purchase led spots to replace halogen spots and thus save on energy. Let me assure you that it's not just "swap" bulbs around.

Anyway, to cut a long story short : it works. I now have 3 out of four spots replaced and I just have to pop in a bulb in the last socket to make that light up as well. While taking one thing off my to-do list, I put a new line onto it : purchase another led spot. This way I'm not really seeing the list get shorter, am I?

While over there, dad complained that the print server we had installed a couple of weeks ago stopped working. After adding the LaserJet 6L to the setup, things went wrong. I took a look and it took quite some fiddling and magical google'ing to find the answer. One has to define the ports by number, where 9100 is parallel port 1, 9101 is number two and guess what... 9102 is three. No surprise there. However, every time I changed the port number for one of the devices, it would automagically change the other device as well. Resulting in the 6L using the 690C driver, or vice versa. Not good. The trick is to define a second TCP/IP port with the same address, but a different name and assign each port number it's own device port number. Simple, once you figure it out.

Then we searched for a USB cable that was nowhere to be found, but it turned up in the end. I changed Hil's printer over from parallel mode to USB and shared it over the network. Everybody happy again.

After a very nice homemade meal, we chatted for a while before I drove back home. I used the power cable I got from dad to get my own printer hooked up to the network and I'll be setting it up shortly - or at least within the next week or so.

Quite a busy sunday, taking care of all these little things one leaves to do another time. In preparation of my week off from work, I borrowed a set of torx screwdrivers from my dad, so I can work on the car more easily. I plan on ordering the bass bins - part of the sound upgrade - and an under seat tray, which will require completely taking apart the dashboard. A challenge for sure, but worthwhile in the end I suppose.

I doubt the ITG air filter I ordered long time ago will ever be delivered, as the shop I bought it from doesn't react to e-mail at all. And I refuse to make international calls to check up on things that should be going smoothly in the first place. The problem is though, that I can't seem to find any store in Belgium that can supply me with a BH-169 ITG air filter :(

If you read this and know for certain where - in Belgium - I can get such a filter, please, leave a comment!

A loose screw

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It wasn't really a lazy sunday afternoon, but how could it be? It's saturday!

Anyway, I got upwith a headache, I've been shitting liquidized poop for the past day or so, and my stomach hurts on the left side. I think I'll have to go in for a complete overhaul soon. Work was quite busy and became a bit stressful at one point but in the end didn't really turn into a bad thing. My colleague turned up and hour late though, so I had to work overtime and only then leave for a quick round at another site. It'll add about 1h and 15 minutes to this months total time worked, which is always a good thing.

Off to bed now, and I'll sleep till noon at least I think. Which is 13h00 as tonight we turn the clock back one hour. Then I'll rip out some bits and pieces in my kitchen and head over to B & H's place so they can take a look at what I'm trying to do. I'm sure B. will come up with an answer - and possibly even a complete solution - so I can reinstall my kitchen properly. Now it's a bit messy with boards being out of line, screws laying around loose and things like that.

* Even though the title may suggest something else, unfortunately no screwing of the entertaining kind has been going on before, during or after the writing of this post. I'm a master of suggestive wording, that is all.

I promise to be good

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It doesn't matter how I shake it, look at it, or like it : 4AM is either too early - or too late. Off to work in a few, I hope I get through the day.

Oh, my airscoop arrived just after writing that post yesterday, but I didn't find the time to get it fitted as I was on my way to Joco and Eef to pick up some things. Maybe this or tomorrow afternoon. I also gave the new transformator a quick look yesterday and I think I could convert it to work with the old spot lights, but I'll run it by someone much more knowledgeable to make sure I don't set the place on fire.

Off to work now! Tata...

PS : I just ripped a gigantic fart. The place now smells of rotten eggs. Yum! Hope you read this while having breakfast ;)

Manual labor

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The sun is shining so I'm gonna head out again. I've been doing things all day long, but there's even more to do. If you wonder what I've done so far, it's easy : I've been toying around with the car again :) Who would have thought?

I had hoped the airscoop would arrive today, but as the mailman did his round through the street, dropping small parcels here and there, he neglected my door and drove off. Ah well... maybe tomorrow?

So I went out and started searching for some thick sturdy wire mesh. None to be found of course, so I took matters into my own hands and bought a tray made out of wire mesh and cut it up. Nothing stops me! About an hour or so later - and painful streaks across my fore arms - the wire mesh is nicely fit behind the front grille of the car. Pictures - as usual - in the Photo Gallery. Tai really disliked all the noise I was making out on the balcony when cutting the mesh, so he went to hide. As soon as I quit making a terrible noise, he went back to his sofa to sleep the sleep of sleepiness. Or something like that...

While shopping, I came across a set of 4 led lights, 12V which included a transformer. Yay! I picked up a set and may try replacing the old powerful transformer with this new one so I can reassemble my kitchen. If it works - I really suck at electrical stuff - I will probably pick up another set to fit over the kitchen counter.

Off to call Joco and possibly pick up some stuff I ordered. You'll read more tomorrow or whenever something slightly interesting happens.

Not pleased

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I just grabbed my mail from the mailbox and guess what? I find a letter stating I have to pay 367 euro for the intervention from the fire brigade when they cleaned up the oil that leaked onto the road after my accident. I thought that the bill was going to be sent to the insurance company? I'll have to make some phone calls!

One phone call later... the bill is taken care off, I can forward it to my insurance broker and they'll deal with it. Phew!

firefox takes another step forward

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For everyone that has been waiting for it anxiously - probably just me - it is possible to grab firefox 2.0 even though the mozilla homepage still lists as the latest available version : check some of the local FTP mirrors (I grabbed mine at ftp.uni-erlangen.de) and you'll see 2.0 is available already.

Note : some extensions "broke" after installing the brand new 2.0 branch, but I guess they'll be updated to work on 2.0 soon enough. Pimpzilla has a a 3.35 version available which seems to work on firefox 2.0. Happy testing!

For the really geeky people out here, here's an overview of browser versions used to visit www.friedkitten.com :

IE : 52.21 % (89% uses v6.0, 4.24% uses the latest 7.0 version)
firefox : 41.15% (96% uses v1.5.0.7, 1.08% uses soon to be released 2.0)
Netscape : 2.65% (100% uses v7.2 - hi dad!)
Opera : 2.21%
Safari : 1.33% (hi Ash!)
Konqueror : 0.44%


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It's hard to believe it's a sunday morning, ain't they supposed to be relaxed and a day of rest? Not here at FK headquarters! I got up at 8:45 and immediately got going. I've been preparing food for the past 45 minutes and now have to run 'coz I've got another appointement at ten, which I'll probably be late for otherwise.

There's a bunch of other things still on my plate, but it'll all depend on how long it takes to fix the problems D. is having. Bye!!!!

Update : Apparently, they had Office 2003 installed all along, just never activated or used it. When I was over there last week, I had installed a number of patches, some of them for Office 2003. This triggered Outlook 2003 to become the default mail client instead of Outlook Express they used before. Simple as that and easy to fix. Everyone but me is happy again. Coz I had to get up too early to fix something I didn't break in the first place. Arrrgh!

So far, so good

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Today has been good so far, let's see if we can keep it up. When I woke up and checked my mail, I finally got the codes I needed to complete an order done on the 12th of this month. Whomever said webshops were easy and efficient needs to think again.

Off to the bank I go, to do some international transfers, and there it turns out they can't do it because they're not my bank. Well, it's not the branch where I'm customer, but it is the same bank of course. After seeing if we could do it manually and then send the paperwork to my branch, I said I'd drive over there myself and deal with it directly. The lady behind the counter was kind of cute by the way, but most of all friendly and fun. Good to know, maybe I should consider switching branch ;)

I head over to W. where there's a local market going on, thus not much parkingspace available. I decide to use the super duper powers of the smart fortwo I drive and park right in front of a large ornament that sites between two legit parking spots, whom are both taken. Problem solved! It wouldn't have been possible with any other car if you ask me.

While en route to the bank, I run into B., the sister of my ex girlfriend. I wasn't really paying attention but she immediately recognized me and we spent a couple of minutes talking and catching up. It was great to see her again and have a chat.

Off to the bank - nothing worth mentioning about that, everything went smooth - and then back home after getting diesel in the car's tank so I get to and back from work the next days. Or how a totally uneventful day can turn into one to blog about.


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I'm quickly popping in to check the current situation on the road before I head off to work. Yesterday around this time everything had come to a standstill - once again - and I don't plan to be stuck in a traffic jam.

Today is the first of 6 late shifts, followed by 2 days off, two early shifts, one day off and then night shift again. After that - if all goes well - I'll be off for a complete week. Imagine that ;)

I'm gonna see if I can get Tai to come back inside because he's chasing a straw of grass all over the balcony, and he probably won't like being interrupted. Not that I pay any attention to that, but it's fun to see him play with whatever he encounters on his "journeys". As long as he doesn't go basejumping, it's all fine with me!

Oh, interesting read : The Death of Ephemeral Conversation by Bruce Schneier. I obviously think about what (or how) I write on this blog - and so should you when you publish online - but do you give as much attention to it when chatting, sending mail or IM's?

Up, down, shake it all around

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I'd almost say sorry that friedkitten.com and all my other domains were unreachable a couple of minutes ago, but it's not up to me to do so. Instead Level3.net should be doing the apologizing. They've been having routing - or other - problems today, resulting in tons of sites being unreachable, even though the servers itself were happily accepting connections. It seems things are back to "normal" now, whatever that may be on the internet :)

I went over to D. to fix her computer, then stopped over at the store to pick up some things - including some food - and while over at D's, I learned that my ex is expecting a baby. Cool for her and the husband, I wish everything goes well and know they'll be great parents!

Yawn - my boring life


Tai is still sniffing out the place after two men came over this morning to check and replace the meters on the heating. This is a yearly event, but as Tai ain't here that long yet, he hadn't seen them before. Usually when people come in, Tai greets them and wants to play. Today he went in "hiding" mode and even now after they've gone for over 15 minutes, he's not yet convinced they're gone.

The good news is that while last year I used up 28 calories total, this year I only used 16,5! I've got no real clue how that's possible, apart from the fact that last year the winter wasn't so cold maybe? Good news nonetheless. We'll see where we end up next year, with the prediction this winter could be harsh.

Here I am, it's before nine and I'm up and running around. Not at this time - hard to write while running around and all - but the next thing on my to-do is around 11h30, so I've got some time to spare. I'll enterTai the cat while doing some laundry.



I've gotten up to an early start, but got nothing much accomplished so far. I read and replied to some mails, am waiting for some other things to get the thumbs up or ultimately fall through, and have cleaned up a little in my "office" area. It's still quite the mess, but at least it's more of an organised mess now.

I'm wondering if I should fit winter tires to the smart fortwo? Most people and forums say it's a very good thing to do, due to the short body of the fortwo, yet when I look outside it's a wonderful autum day. That's bound to change over time - I do realize that - but two things bother me : I've never had winter tires fitted before, and it is quite expensive. Not as expensive as wrecking your car, that's for sure, but still. I'd get some steel rims to use during wintertime, though I could have winter tires fitted to the alloys as well. See, there are so many options it confuses me!

Are you a "fan" of winter tires on your car? And by that I mean "have you ever had them fitted out of your own free will", not because the leasing company for the company car told you to come in and get them fitted. If so, did you find they performed much better - especially when it comes to safety - or are you rather undecided or even unimpressed?

Morning entry


Just got home and am getting cuddles as if Tai hasn't seen me in three weeks. In fact he's rubbing his face into mine as I type this, so I'll use that as an excuse for any typo's occuring in this post. What's your excuse?

Off to bed soon.

Happy birthday mate!

Me Superman

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Yesterday before my nightshift, I worked out for 45 minutes. I normally have a 1 hour session, but it rubbed the wrong way so I changed some workouts around. Instead of cycling and jogging for 40 minutes, I did so for 20 and added some powerlifting to the mix. I feel the effects of the latter today : everything hurts, but it's a sweet pain ;)

This morning around seven I fixed some problem that had been bothering me since the migration to thunderbird. Some of my mailaccounts refused to send out mail over the correct servers and instead used the default, thus resulting in a (soft)fail on SPF checks. That's fixed.

And right now - after a couple hours of sleep - I'm gonna help clueless punters out that were looking for help and somehow ended up at friedkitten.com. Let's take look at the questions they had :

Unknown was asking about "bed and mirror placement" through Google. The answer is simple : the mirrors should go above and near the head of the bed. This will give you and your partner and excellent show when you get it on. Next!

Another Unknown was looking for information about urethral stuffing, also through Google. It's not really something I enjoy, but I can certainly point you in the right direction. BMEzine Hard (NSFW) will have a visuals of what you search for, and wiki.bmezine.com/Sound (NSFW) has more info about the tools used and risks involved. Next!

Unknown in the UK used Ask to find information about dildo. A very short search term, and not really specific. What he or she wants to know about dildoes remains a question. Which one to purchase? ("dildo review" would have been a better choice) Where to buy a dildo online? (dildo +shop +UK) I can't really help here without more specifics. Anyway, the short answer is "yes". Toys can be fun. Next!

Someone else asked Google about Tragger Hippy video. The answer is simple : www.skynet.be/traggerhippy (site is down for the moment). Next!

Finally, someone asked Google what is included in a vet visit? Usually anything you pay for, my friend! I doubt you can get extra fries or a large coke with your visit, but a vets visit should - most of the time - result in an animal feeling happier/healthier.

That's it for now, thanks for all the questions and see you again!

Migrating Mail Clients

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I've been using Eudora for the past 10 years or so, much to my delight. I've always loved the client and in fact I even purchased a license for it. When I read a couple of days ago that a new version was available, I installed it and the install promptly downgraded my version from Paid Mode to Sponsored Mode - thus showing ads in the client.

It seems my license had to be renewed, yet at the same time Qualcomm announces that Eudora will become an open source program, under the wings of the Mozilla Foundation. The client will be free to everyone once it has become OS which is expected to be somewhere in 2007. Not bad as I'm all in favor of open source software, but then again Qualcomm wants me to shell out another USD19.95 to keep my current client in paid mode till the free version arrives? Not bloody likely!

So today I started migrating away from Eudora and towards Thunderbird - a client I already use on another machine. Installation was a breeze, importing messages went quite smoothly, but somehow I couldn't get the addressbook imported. Whenever I tried using the Import tool, it just stated : no addressbooks found. I exported my Eudora addressbook in csv format, imported it in TB and ended up with a totally garbled mess. Not the solution either.

Luckily, thanks to the excellent TB support forums, I found the solution : rename the Eudora addressbook file (NNdbase.nnt) to NNdbase.txt and it'll easily import into Thunderbird. Fixed!

I'll use this opportunity to clean out the old mailboxes and get rid of long forgotten messages while I finetune everything to my liking. I'll sort of miss my trusty Eudora, but it's time to move on.



I had been looking forward to seeing An Inconvenient Truth for the past two months and when it premiered yesterday I went out and saw it. Quite impressive and comparable with the "The Truth and Lies of 9/11" documentary that I talked about earlier. Don't expect explosions, over-the-top computer animated special effects or car chases. This movie can be brought down to this :

Al Gore and a bunch of charts, figures and trends.

If you think that would make a very boring movie, you're wrong. I was taking mental notes all the time, though most of the facts and figures I already knew about in some way. Maybe not the specifics, but one can't deny things are changing. If you want to know more, take a look at climatecrisis.net.

If you'd like to state that watching a movie won't make the world a better place, you are of course correct. I didn't need "An Inconvenient Truth" to take action, I've been doing it for a couple of years, and so can you! All the electricity I use at home is solar and windpowered, I currently drive a car that does +56 mpg, and once I am financially back on track I will probably be replacing the glass in my windows with a super insulated version to reduce heating costs and thus reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses produced.

Whomever says that going green will decimate the economy, has a hidden agenda, let me tell you that!

PS : It seems this blog has a very loyal fan : meet Linda from the UK. ;)

I can get it right!


A couple of hours after I got out of bed, my doorbell rang, it was the mailwoman dropping off a small packet which contained my interior mirror shortened stud, purchased from smart-zierteile in Germany. While they offer mostly visual and show element upgrades, I consider this one to be much more. The original stud placed the interior rear mirror so low that a large portion of your view was blocked when driving. Not safe at all!

So, after fitting - successfully might I add - this small mod, it improved my front view very much while only providing a little less rear view. If you ask me, it's more important to see what's happening in front of you opposed to knowing what goes on behind. That's why this is a very recommendable moddification of every smart owner cursing the original rear mirror placement every time they drive around.

The 30mm shortened stud came with full assembly instructions, but for those of you wanting to see exactly how it's done, check out the Evilution Smart Standard Rear View Mirror replacement how to. My advice is not to go for the ultra short studs though, as the tail light will block most of the view then. I'm very happy with my 3cm shorter stud.

A busy day so far

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I've been up for ages, or at least that's how it feels. I woke up a first time today at 04h06 this morning, only to fall asleep again somehow and the next thing I remember is looking at the clock and seeing 04:42 advertised in bright red letters. I normally leave around that time for work, so I jumped out of bed, got into the car - along the way I managed to get dressed I think - and headed off for my last early shift. I made it to work in time, phew!

After work was done, I got home, entertained Tai and headed off to the sauna with Joco and Eef for a great time relaxing. It was mucho fun and so good it's hard to believe. I'm dead tired now though, and while I would like to watch The Unit on TV, I think I may crash during and head off to bed instead. Tomorrow I'm not setting the alarm and will just wake up when my body is rested enough.

That was it for today I suppose. I've got some new information during the day on which I'm still making up my mind, but I'm not yet sure what to make off it, nor what to make of my own ideas in relation to it all. I may bounce some vague ideas or related stories off on my readers, but I'm not sure if it's fit for publication, nor whether I'd like to give away that much. We'll see...

Modding a smart - the wrong way

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Ah... today I received my new aerials, to replace the functional but butt ugly long antenna on the smart fortwo. It looks slick, so as I got home and found the package in my mailbox, I changed clothes and off I went to the garage to take the old antenna off and put the new one in place. Piece of cake, a walk in the park for a handyman as I undoubtedly am.

I grab the old antenna and twist it counterclockwise. Nothing moves. Ok, maybe I've got a bad grip on the small base of the aerial, so I try again. Whomever tried moving a mountain knows it takes some practice to finally do it. I figure the same goes with unscrewing antennas, right?

I hop in the car and take out the owners manual - which is by the way in french, quite handy - and find a section on how to remove the antenna. Twist counter clockwise. See, I knew I was correct. Happily I jump back out of the car and twist again. Hm... nothing. Maybe some crud has gotten stuck between the joints, so I give it a few taps to loosen things up.

I get my tools out and start working on the antenna, in the process damaging the plastic cover, but that doesn't matter, I'll be replacing it anyway! 30 minutes later, I've hacked my way through more plastic and finally get a grip on the thing : twist, snap, done! I've got an old smart antenna in my hand, phew! And then it dawns on me... it didn't unscrew, it snapped. Now I'm stuck with a bolt embedded in my car, and no way to refit the old antenna, or fit the new one. One point for the car I suppose. I'll see if I can find a replacement connector somewhere this week, and take more parts of the car apart to fit it. Then, maybe, I'll be able to fit the shorter antenna.

I hope replacing the interior mirror stud with a shortened version will be easier and especially more successful. I can already see me having to replace the complete windshield :(

Time to confess


It's been a while since I wrote about politics, hasn't it? Lately I covered quite some technical subjects, I wrote about my crazy cat, my broken car and my lack of a love life. All pretty boring, so why not revive a topic that's been off the blog for too long? With the upcomming election in Belgium - tomorrow - I thought it was a good opportunity to take a look at all parties and decide who I'll be voting for. It's not as if I have no clue yet, but the details ain't set in stone.

First of all, tomorrow I have to work. Which is a perfectly legal reason not to vote, I even have a letter from my employer stating that I'll be working on sunday and am thus exempt from casting my vote. Belgian citizens are obligated to vote, it's madatory. Unless you find a way out of it, that is. That's the way most people see it, but I disagree. I don't have the obligation to vote, I have the right to do so. I can express my choice in the votingbooth, I have a "democratic" voice in the ruling of Belgium. I'm a small nut or bolt in the complete and complex mechanism that makes things work - or not work - in this tiny country of ours. And I'm glad to be part of it.

So, even though I have a way out, I'll do everything possible tomorrow to go and cast my vote. It's not an obligation, it's my right.

Let's take a look at the options and parties :

For the district I can choose between VLD - Vivant, sp.a - spirit - groen!, Vlaams Belang/VLOTT, CD&V/N-VA and PVDA+. VLD - Vivant have no topics or ideas that attract me, so I probably won't be voting for them. Vlaams Belang and VLOTT are the right wing extremists whom never have actually "ruled" and play the underdog because "the majority is denying 30% of the voters their right to participate". Whether or not the "Cordon Sanitaire" is a good thing or an instrument of the devil remains to be seen, but they certainly won't be getting my vote.

PVDA+ is located quite far left on the political scale, and I know little of their ideas and programs. Dirk Van Duppen is a local doctor and candidate for PVDA+, and I've read one of his books, which was very interesting. Interesting enough to give my vote to them, I don't know. Probably not.

Which leads me to sp.a - spirit - groen!,a tri-party setup, that looks promising. I've voted sp.a in the past, I have also voted groen! in the past, which makes 2 out of three. Not bad an option. Quite likely to get my vote.

CD&V/N-VA has become the hype of the town, with Yves Leterme scoring well in polls. But is their program strong enough to convince me? Maybe, maybe not.

Does it come to anyones surprise that I'll probably be voting left'ish? Who will you be voting for?


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is the key word of this entry. As most of you already know, I like smart girls. Especially if they're also beautiful, but that would take me too far off topic :)

Microsoft claiming Windows Vista cannot be cracked : not a smart statement to make. (Dutch)

A smart essay by Bruce Schneier about screening people with security clearances and how to verify, revoke and keep the data up to date. (Interesting would have been a better choice of words, but I wanted smart in every sentence)

And, because people were asking for photographs off the new car, take a look in the smart gallery. It's a sub album of CarWars. If you forgot the login details, contact me for info.

Eyes wide shut

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It's my day off, yet I'm up already and preparing to get going. I just caught up on mail, up next is entertaining Tai, checking and refilling his food and water and then my working day really starts! I'd rather sleep in till noon, but as early shifts call on saturday, that would be a bad idea. Besides, I have to make hard cash to make up for the fact that I bought two cars this year :(

Setting up meetings

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I'm leaving for work in a couple of minutes, but first I'm trying to confirm and arrange some meetings with clients for thursday and/or friday to take a look at their computer problems. Some need a simple reconfiguration after their ISP changed some details in regard to the mail servers, others are suffering from mouse problems (yeah, I don't understand how that happens either) and yet another one is looking for my advice to revive a P3 445Mhz MMX so he can use it for a few more years.

Mobile again


I just picked up my new wheels. First impression is that it is more "noisy" as the forfour, but not too bad. I'm getting used to the softip gear as well, and it's damn easy to drive it. Tomorrow I'm off to get some paperwork for the insurance completed and then we're all set. I just filled up the fortwo at the gasstation and tanked a total of 12 liters of gasoline, lol.

Now... I wonder whether I'll be able to get to work, as the ringway around Antwerp is (once again) totally blocked.

Quick Week in TV entry

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Toast Kannibaal [VTM - 20h40]
Romeo Must Die [Kanaal 2 - 21h10]
McLeod's Daughters [VTM - 22h45]
NYPD Blue [VTM - 00h15]
Cops [Kanaal 2 - 00h25]

The Block Falconplein [VT4 - 21h05]
The Cell [Kanaal 2 - 21h10]
The Unit [VTM - 22h45]
The IT-Crowd [Canvas - 22h50]

Tragger Hippy [Kanaal 2 - 20h35]
Nip/Tuck [Kanaal 2 - 23h15]
The L Word [VT4 - 00h59]


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I just walked back in after the P!NK concert in Antwerp, and everyone that wasn't there has no clue what they missed. It was sublime, incredible, superb.

When "Fingers" was played - and you should know by now that I love that one - the complete audience went crazy, and the fabulous and acrobatic show that Pink performed during the song only pushed the audience further and further. Immediately followed by the captivating "Family Portait", I was wiping away tears. Her words went right to my soul and tore it apart, only to heal it minutes later.

"Dear Mr. President" had everyone listening in silence and the applause was immense when they finished the song. After a short and fake end of show routine, they counted down for 2 minutes and we were treated to a mindblowing "Let's Get The Party Started" once again with acrobatic moves and swings you normally only witness in a circus. There's no doubt about it, but then again I always knew it : P!NK ROCKS!

Emo Man awakes

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Yesterday evening, I was a guest at D. and K.'s wedding, and it was fantastic. As far as I could tell, everyone had a great time and the happy couple looked... happy. Which kind of was the point of it all I think.

When I just woke up a couple of minutes ago - another night of not enough sleep, let me tell you - I heard a song on the radio and it brought tears to my eyes. It's as if I became "Emo Man" in delay, because some of us had already gone through it last night, ain't it, S.? The more I look back to last night and the 2 years before, the more the tears flow I admit, and it is a sweet and sour mixture of joy and sadness. I think this is what parents feel when they see their children take their first steps, leave the parental house and find their own way in life.

Anyway, enough with the sappiness for now - sniff - and on with the important message : D.& K., wherever the journey takes you, whatever hardship or difficulties you encounter, you know where to call.

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