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16 minutes left before I know whether or not I'm the owner of a shiny but secondhand 8 port fast ethernet switch with built in firewall and other fancy stuff such as VPN. Not that I've got use for VPN right now, but it could come in handy if I ever decide to make my machine(s) accessible from the evil internet and need a secure way to communicate with them.

Update : a Netgear FVL328 ProSafeā„¢ High-Speed VPN Firewall Router is all mine now. The fact that the product itself is EOL doesn't really bother me. I've got the latest firmware downloaded and ready for installation ;)

I got a call from Joco, asking if I forgot about his "bus". And sure enough I hadn't thought about it, as I didn't think the server rack - if I win the bid, that is - would fit in it. He can load stuff up to 2.10 meter so maybe it'll be possible after all. So, I'll probably be bidding for the rack after all ;)

Ash just sent me an IM at another site I frequent on a daily basis, stating she has left numerous comments on this blog, but none of them were published. Ouch! I love Ash and her comments, so it's quite clear that something is eating the comments left by her. I've been getting very little comments on my posts lately, so something is amiss. I've made some small changes in the backend, and invite everyone to leave comments, even if it's just for testing purposes. We need to figure out what exactly is causing to loose real and much appreciated comments! Ash, everyone, post away... I'll be watching closely and tweaking things along the way.

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