Kudos to Ash, Hil and Joco who have been helping me troubleshoot why comments were no longer appearing on the blog. I couldn't have fixed it without you! Well, at least I think it's fixed for now, I've been tweaking plugins and finally found the possible culprit : MT Keystrokes. It had worked without incident for many years but apparently broke down during some recent upgrade.

Whenever someone left a comment, there was no entry in the logs, so I didn't know someone attempted to leave feedback! The eternal bit bin swallowed all the bits I suppose...

Feel free to comment on this or other entries, as I still may need to adjust some settings in order to get a balanced system. The comments won't appear automagically - too much chance to get abused - but they should turn up as I moderate and publish them.

Update 14h30 : After relaxing the limitations, the junk folder quickly filled up with spam comments. I've been working on fixing the issue since 11h30 this morning. Three new comment spam control mechanisms have been installed - numerous others were tested and uninstalled. Neither of them should affect regular readers or commenters. For next few days, if you post a comment here, feel free to also tell me in a mail or during a live conversation so I can verify my new settings. Thanks in advance!

Update 18h00 : Joco just said that he could leave comments again, but couldn't see comments made earlier using Opera. It certainly works on my three machines, using Firefox as well as IE. If anyone can confirm the Opera problem, let me know. I'm quite convinced it's nothing but a cache problem, so clearing the cache of the browser should do the trick. If not... tell me, please?


Hooray! Now that I can comment again, I need to think of witty things!

Thanks for the test comment Joco.

Welcome back Ash, and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts again. Unforunately, I wasn't able to recover any of the old comments everyone left :(

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