Three and a half out of Eight

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It's a few minutes to four, and time to reflect on my activities so far :

- I got up and drove to Hubo/Selfmade to look for a replacement transformer. I failed, they're closed on tuesdays.

- Continued my drive to P'bos and dropped off somethings I promised to H. and we had a nice chat.

- Got back on the road, stopped at Brico, to look for transformer. Failed, they directed me to Massive.

- Arrived at Massive, enquired and after looking it up, the best they could do was come up with a transformer requiring "only" 35W minimal load. Still no good. When I pointed out they've got loads of led lights using a transformer, they explained they hook up lots of lights to one, thus meeting the minimum load requirement. They gave me an address for a Light and Electricity shop that might be able to help me out. I've mailed them and am now waiting for a reply.

- Got home and started troubleshooting why my main desktop computer doesn't produce sound anymore. Tried various things, including reinstallation of DirectX, still no sound. Stopped troubleshooting to persue other things.

- Accepted a call from Jess and chatted for a while - they're having a good time in Italy.

- Started cleaning out a part of the office desk, throwing lots of things away, and took out one section so I can move the new rack over to the other side. Should make cabling and power much less of a problem.

- While cleaning up, I discovered an old Sagem Coca-Cola mobile phone. It's charging as we speak and after only 2 attempts at entering the PIN code, it works. It'll keep me reachable while I ponder about the problem with the current mobile phone. Tip : don't believe small notes kept next to the phone with a PIN number written down on them. It's probably incorrect.

With all that out of the way - or in the way, as due to all the "cleaning up" I'm mostly moving stuff from one room to another - here's what I still have to do :

- get food
- seduce hottie (but I think she's not working today, so that'll fail)
- move rack after I finishing cleaning
- dry load of laundry (crap, I forgot about that. Need to do that first!)
- get to bed early

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So, when will we be seeing any pictures of your newly acquired rack? I'm quite curious of how 'big' this thing is and to what use you'll put it...

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