This is a reminder

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of why I'm good at that I do, but suck at other things.

Today, I found 2 parcels in my mailbox, one being the HP JetDirect I've been waiting for forever, one being 3 12V Led spots that I wrote about earlier. I've closed the PayPal dispute already and will be testing the printserver out soon, but first I wanted to replace some halogene spots with more economical led spots. Smart idea, I'd say, but it worked out a bit different from what I expected.

I wanted to change the three spots over my counter... and then I found out they were a smaller diameter than the ones I ordered. Well, I should have seen that one coming, especially as I just "presumed" they were the same diameter as those in the kitchen. They are not. I now know. For certain. Go me!

So, off to replace the ones in the kitchen - I replace 1 and it works fine. I replace a second one and a third one, and they flash for a fraction of a second and then go dark. Huh? Maybe one of the new lights is malfunctioning, so I take one back out and troubleshoot the thing. Now they flicker all the time. Strange. After some tinkering, I decided to call my dad, who knows much much more about electronics and electricity than I do. Which is not surprising as I know... nothing about it. Sure enough, it turns out you can't just replace these things because the "ballast" is not fit for it, and probably thinks the lamps are dead because they don't draw enough current. Or something like that.

To make a long story short(er) : I'll be taking apart my kitchen over the weekend to try and find out what brand and type of ballast is installed, and then my dad may be able to come up with a solution. Which I would love.

The days you could just swap things around are gone...

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