The end of time is near

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I'm about to crash seriously, but it ain't an option just yet. First I have to stop over at the bank, get cash, go pick up that monster of mine named Tai, look after him, then sleep for 2 or three hours, get back up, get to Aartselaar, pay for the car, get back home, crash.

Too much to do on less that 3 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours. I wonder if I'll make it through the day?

Also on my to do list is shop for D's wedding - I've got NO clothes worthy of a wedding, and certainly no clothes worthy of a wedding with a slight chance of scoring some pussy. Hence, the need to shop, urgently. Oh my... where and when will this day end?

95 euro and 16 hours later, I'm once again in posession of a cat that can pee on it's own. He's already jumped on the sofa and is now scouting his territory again to make sure it's all his. Tai seems to be doing fine, but will be on a diet for the next 6 months minimum. Off to bed for a (very) short nap now!

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Glad to hear Tai is ok again. poor thing has gone through a lot these past few weeks.
and good to hear you found a solution for your car... even though it remains an expensive one. Hope the ForTwo goes along a bit longer eh.

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