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While borrowing Joco's car on wednesday to pick up that rack, I damaged it, it turns out. It probably happened while unloading the rack by myself, and I hadn't noticed it in the dark, otherwise I would have told him right away. Today I went over to assess the damage and sure enough, there are scratches and paint is gone where I unloaded the rack. I feel damn bad about it too, I really should have been more careful with things that ain't mine! I hope to hear from him soon, so we can settle this thing - not that there are hard feelings or something like that, but I'd like to put it behind us.

Tuesday, I'll be off for a full day, and then I hope to install some new gear. The idea is to connect my DSL modem to the new router, which will provide some more security than the current setup, and hook my wireless linksys router up to the wired router, so it also sits behind the firewall.

Schematically, it would be something like this :

Internet - ISP - DSL modem - Netgear Router/Firewall - LAN - Linksys router - Wireless.

The linksys should not pass out IP addressess, but rather pass on those gotten from the netgear router, so all clients are in the same IP range. Later on, I could add another wireless AP, which I can then open up so everyone can connect and get basic (but strictly bandwidth limited) access to the web, and I log everything and run a constant sniffer on the subnet to see what passess, including passwords and such. I think it is a nice social experiment to see who sends unencrypted data over a "free" AP they don't know. I know I certainly don't.

That'll be a project which may or may not happen, depending on whether or not I can split the open AP away from my LAN so nothing can cross between my secure network and the free-for-all network, while at the same time seriously limiting the damage that can be done through the free AP. I certainly don't want hacking, spam or any other suspicious activity happening through an IP assigned to me.


you should just probably invest in a new flux capicitor, at least something around 20,000 gigawatts

That sounds like a superb plan, Scaryhours! That way it can power the tesla coils around the place as well ;)

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