Sleep is the Enemy

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I woke up at 13h46 and immediately realized my carefully planned schedule had turned into a fucked up schedule. I was due at Smart Center Antwerp at 14h00 to do the paperwork on my old and new car, so I called them to say I would be coming in later. No problem so I got dressed, jumped on a tram, then on a bus and off I was.

Did you know that Leen and Peter had a fight last night at a party, and Leen threw a pitta all over Peter because she was jealous of Sophie? Yes, the same Sophie Peter had seen for a month, no wait, two weeks, a day, a couple of hours, and they only kissed. Leen didn't want to appologize because she didn't know why she threw that pitta at Peter, so he apologized to her for whatever he might have said that could have offended her.

Sorry to disappoint you, coz I don't know more details, this is just what I overheard while on the bus.

With that out of the way, I arrived at AMC and we did the paperwork and I made a first payment. The car will be ready on tuesday - monday was possibly maybe also an option but would cause too much "if"'s and "when"'s that we decided to move it tuesday to be certain. Now I have to arrange some things for the weekend and monday, so I'll go make some phonecalls once everyone gets home.

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