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I'm sitting outside, burning my fat ass on the hot tiles of the terrace, while enjoying the sun and the company of a cat that's been going beserk for the past hour or so. He's been chasing flies, leaves, pretty much anything that moves, which unfortunately also includes my fingers, a moving cursor on a laptop screen etc.

This morning, Tai kept on jumping and running around in the livingroom, as if he had been locked in chains for the past 2 years. He drove me totally crazy and after he knocked down a bunch of DVD's and a TV remote control for the zillionth time, I grabbed him and stuck him in a carrier for a couple of minutes to cool off. It seems to have worked as he was slightly calmer when he got back out. Or maybe I just didn't notice the havoc he wrecked later on, as I was off to bed.

Sometimes he's just too much for me - I think he needs more interactivity in his life - but I have to work and when I am home I like doing something else than just entertain the cat. He certainly gets his play time and attention, but if you give him a finger, he'll claw for an arm. I've been thinking about getting a second cat, so they can keep themselves busy, but knowing my luck, I'll end up with two hyperactive fuzzballs that hate each other and cling to my ankles all the time.

I've picked up some icecream in the store, because tomorrow I'm in charge of dessert at work. N., a new colleague will be preparing the main course, and we have no clue yet what she's cooking up for us. I'll be serving honey melon with nectarine parts combined with vanilla and dame blanche icercream, whipped cream and a cookie on top.

As I was writing this entry, a car drove by and they had the windows down and Rick James' "Superfreak" playing. Hence the title...

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want me to come over with my crazy cat? or maybe Tai can come for a visit... better check with my boyfriend first hahaha

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