Ok people, I need some feedback on this. I'm quite possibly being screwed here, but I'd like to know what you think about it.

Sunday August 27th : I buy an item on ebay, and pay using paypal. Seller promises 1-2 day shipping.

Friday September 1st : I request information about the shipment of the item and receive a reply that everything has been picked up and should be delivered on tuesday September 5th.

September 5th/6th : no parcel to be seen anywhere. Seller replies to my mail dated September 1st that the parcel was returned to them because they don't use a pickup point when no one is home to accept. Mailed out on September 6th using regular postal service.

September 12th : Mail from seller, stating parcel was once again returned to them by the postal services, this time because it was damaged. They will send out a new one.

Now, what shipping service doesn't leave at least a note that they tried to deliver a parcel? I think they all do, but I may be mistaken. It also is the first time ever I hear the belgian postal services return a damaged parcel to the sender instead of it being delivered to the addressee, who could then either accept or refuse/return it. I think they're trying to drag this thing out, so I can't file a complaint anymore.

Now, the seller was/is an ebay Power Seller, with over a thousand feedback, mostly positive - but they opted for private feedback, so I can't check what other buyers had to say about them. When I purchased the item, they had dozen of other objects for sale, all in the same section (computers and IT). Somewhere in the first day of September, everything disappeared and as of now they have 0 auctions running on ebay. Very fishy if you ask me, but as said before... what do you think? Give them another week to deliver, or stop fooling around and go down hard on them?


I say hit'tem hard and fast. If they won't keep up their part of the agreement, I'd take some action. Especially considering the fact that you've already paid for the goods.

Thanks for the advice Kenny, my idea indeed. I've opened a claim using PayPal Buyer Protection, which I can either escalate to PayPal within 20 days, or close if the item arrives after all.

hit him, hard!

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