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I'm about to write a post containing quite some negative feelings, so for those of you looking for the positive things in life, skip this entry.

When sellers on ebay promise a shipping in 1 to 2 days, I expect to see my goods show up in under a week. When I buy something on sunday evening, and pay the same day (using PayPal), I'd say the seller should ship on tuesday at the latest. Adding 2 more days for delivery, the objects should arrive friday, possibly monday. When I contacted the seller, he said the courrier had picked everything up, and delivery was to happen on tuesday (9 days after my purchase). Today is wednesday and I've yet to see the first delivery arrive. I mailed them again today, so far without reply... It does piss me off, can you believe that? I dislike it even more when suddenly this very active seller has no more objects for sale on ebay, something is fishy here!

Cats that tend to want attention all the time piss me off as well - so Tai, this one is for you - if I'm home for a day I'd like to do things I enjoy and while cuddling with you is one of the things I like, I don't feel like petting you 24 hours a day. Get the picture already and go the fuck to sleep and leave me alone. Warning : Playing with and in your waterbowl is not an acceptable replacement activity for sleeping!

The first episode of the new Tragger Hippy season was funny, but not nearly as funny as before. I can usually see the plot from a mile away, which makes some jokes plain boring. Too bad.

If people only know me and mail me because they have computer problems, I tend to get pissed off as well. Let's take D. for instance. I've been to her place a few times, fixing both the computer she and her husband use, as well as the kids machines. All for free. Last time I charged them, but only a fraction of the real cost. She mailed me again last week, asking if I could come over to fix yet again a problem. I replied with what I thought was the problem, and how she could fix it. If she still wanted me to come over, I would charge a certain amount of money.

She never replied, not even to say the problem was fixed using my solution offered by mail and for free. It's weird how you don't mean shit if they don't need you and when they do, they don't want to give anything up in exchange for the time and effort you spend solving their issues. I really have to get more firm with users and abusers to weed out the crap. Seems D. won't be requiring my services anymore :)

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