Plans for world domination

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I'm up way more early than I'd like to be up and out of bed, but such is life, ain't it? There are things to do, worlds to conquor, peons to order around...

Currently there is some enterTai'ning going on - he just jumped on my lap and is fighting for attention while chasing the keys on my keyboard with his paws and within a couple of minutes I'll be off to the shop to see if I can purchase a 20,000 Volts flux capacitator - Scaryhours thinks it'll be that what I need to power 4 1W led lamps - but if it doesn't work, I can still run the tesla coils from it.

Later today I'll be looking closer at some networking ideas I've got, and how to properly organize things without having cat 5 UTP cable all over the floor and ceilings. I need to get some food as well, and will be picking up some fruit and veggies at the local shop. If everything goes according to plan, and that hottie is working today, I hope that is not the only thing I pick up ;)

What are your plans today?

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