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I'm in serious trouble. I just got off the phone with the dealer and they've taken a look at the damage to my car. The engine is beyond repair, lots of other things are "kaput" and it'll take at least 9000 euro to fix it all. And about 2 weeks. I'm screwed :(

I had hoped it would be around 1000 to 2000 euro, which is still plenty to pay for something I couldn't do anything about, but this... I never expected it. This is a serious setback, and one I'll have to recover from for a long time. If I decide to get it repaired, it'll eat up all my cash reserves, and I'll still have to pay back the mortgage on the other car. If I get a new car, the same problem exists.

I need some time to think about this :(

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I'd try to find a second opinion (won't be easy since your car can't be moved around, but €9000 to fix your car sounds very over-priced to me. I've had a similir incident in the past with my car (Astra Break - Bigger car, bigger engine) and if they would have had to replace my engine, that would only have cost about €3000. For €9000 you can practically by a new car (small car, but nevertheless a new car). I suppose the cost for the repairs will be totally at your expense?

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