Murphy comes to the rescue


Is anyone of you familiar with Murphy? Yeah, the same Murphy from Murphy's Law : "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong".

As I finished cleaning up the place - not that it looks any better now, quite the contrary - I moved the rack to the other side of the room and started moving IT appliances around. I moved the DSL modem to the rack, and then came to the conclusion my phone cable wouldn't stretch that far (For those unaware of physics laws, phone cables don't stretch at all). I knew I had tons of phone cable around somewhere... but where? I dug through all my boxes filled with remainders of IT related things, and sure enough I found phone cable, lots of it. And all of them came up short. When I finally dug one up that was long enough, it turned out to have an RJ11 connector on one side, and an RJ45 (ISDN) plug on the other side.

Which makes sense, as I stripped it off a DSL modem that was connected to an ISDN line in The Netherlands, but it wouldn't fit here. I grabbed my trusty cable cutter and plug tang and removed the RJ45 connector. Then it turned out I had no RJ11 connectors to replace it with. Crap!

Leaving that for what it is, I moved over the wireless router, and started pulling Cat 5 through the room to reconnect everything. Not a problem in sight, except... All my UTP cables were too short. Not much, but just like phone cables, they don't really stretch. Off to the shop for network cable, RJ11 plugs (or pre-made phone cable). I finally got 2x5m Cat5 UTP cables and 4.6m of high quality phone cable. Ten minutes after I arrived home, my three machines were connected and online again. What an afternoon, but the outcome will be totally geeky :)

I'll delay the introduction of the Netgear router to the mix till friday afternoon or saturday. Sunday I'll be driving around in my Smart for most of the day (smart meeting in Ostend) and monday is back to work for a night shift.

Kenny, I'll see if I can make some photographs of the current setup, though there is little to see about a bunch of things stuck into a rack... - Rack filled about 50% - Click to enlarge photo

Click to enlarge the thumbnail and see some explenation about what is what. I still have to move a printer to the rack, tidy up the power strips, and once I'm done (or started) moving my files from the old desktop to the new one, the old one will be placed at the bottom. On top of the rack - out of sight of the photo - is the wireless router, because they tend not to work too well inside a metal cage. I still have to test that connection, will do that later. Off to have some spaghetti first, then off to bed!


Well, first impressions: it look too big to have in your house unless you're really really really in to computers. It looks like a rack that you'd expect in a computer-industry like environment. To be more specific: I'm quite sure we've lookalike racks at work here.

Conclusion: the rack fits you like a glove. Something that could be expected you'd pull off, but no one saw coming :-) . Yet, I have not detected any security systemes that'll keep the rack "Tai - safe" :-)

All true, Joco & Kenny. Tai is not "allowed" to play in the office/work area, but that doesn't prevent him from slipping in every now and then. Once the rack is completely against the wall and the door closed, it should be quite Tai safe though!

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