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I'm taking my mobile phone in for repair in a couple of minutes, so I may not be reachable on it for a while. Whether that period will be days or weeks, I don't know, maybe they'll give me a replacement phone, though I doubt it. It's not that I really "need" to have my mobile with me at all times, but as you all know, if you don't carry it with you, you'll be needing it.

I'll keep you posted as to my reachability, e-mail is always an option and in case of emergency, those of you that need to have the number at work, already have, or should have it.

Off to get the thing fixed now.

Update 12:18 : So, am I screwed or what? This phone is just over 2 years old, and getting it fixed could easily cost me 150 euro, which is about 40% of the initial purchase price. I could buy a brand new phone - such as the Z530i - for less! I asked the dealer where I bought it if they could have it repaired, and they said to contact The Phone House or a similar outlet, as it was out of warranty. Sending it in for repair would be quite expensive.

Now I'm contemplating my options : I don't want to pay that much to get it repaired if I can buy a new phone for less. On the other hand, I don't want to throw away a good phone just because getting it fixed is more expensive than buying a new one. This is a situation that just doesn't make sense! Consumerism at it's best I suppose.

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Experienced something similar last week. Broke the LCD screen of my camera. Went to the seller. He said it will be 50 euro to estimate the repair costs. If I then decide to not have it fixed, bye bye 50 euro. When I have it repaired, the 50 euro will be deducted. Found it extremely unfair. So I went to a small retailer. That man is trying now to find & buy a new LCD-screen (at the price of 12 euro!!!) and fix it himself. His estimated working time: 3/4 hour. He has problems getting the screen though. Factory and repairhouses are not eager to sell one stupid little lcd-screen of 12 euro that, when used in their repair studios brings in 240 euro. Consumer society! Yuck!!!

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