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It's time for a celebrity author deathmatch at - I've read both 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed by Melissa P. and Brass by Helen Walsh.

Both books dig deep into the life of their young female main characters, showing the struggle and agony they go to, or they choose to experience. Sex and sexuality are to them a means to bring stability and love into their life, or at least that's what they assume.

Both novels lift the veil over the harsh life usually covered and hidden by the innocent looks and attitude of young girls. I can see how some people could be shocked when reading either book, but I found Brass to be more captivating and raw. The constant use of street slang and excellent description of life as experienced by the main character pulls you down and makes you part of it.

When comparing the language used in both books, Helen Walsh's "Brass" is a damaged, scratched and dented car with an absolute "fuck you" attitude, whereas Melissa P.'s "100 Strokes" is a bright and shiny polished showroom model.

Both novels are a good read, but my points go to Brass.

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