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OK, as I told people earlier, there is no benefit in being a cry baby over what happened. It is what it is and I have to deal with the situation any way I can. I've just finished balancing the books to see where I'm at financially and while I can't say it looks "good", I can deal with it. I'd rather not spend 9000 euro fixing a car, but the options are limited.

Kenny, thanks for the advice for a second opinion and I agree with you. The fact that the car is immobilised doesn't make things easier, and the worst part is that the Smart CDi engines can only be ordered as a whole, or at least that's what my dealer tells me. I'll make some calls to see if that's true and write about it here.

I can get a secondhand Smart ForTwo CDi for a bit less than 10k euro with little mileage on it, which would only make it marginally more expensive than repairing the ForFour. If the dealer is prepared to take over the wreck for about 2000 euro (which I doubt) I may seriously consider that option. It would mean a serious downsizing in car - that I don't mind as it's just me, myself and I driving around in it - while still having to pay a lot of cash, but I'd be settled for the next 10 years or so. And I'd certainly get full option insurance on this one!

Or I could look for a cheap secondhand car to get me around for the time being - and hopefully the next 2 years or so - till the mortgage on the ForFour runs out.

I think the decision will be made tomorrow. I'll be leaving for work early today, as a colleague is so nice to pick me up near Linkeroever. He starts at 20h00, while I only have to start my shift at 22h00, but I'll spend the time working out in the gym. Make the best of a crappy situation, right?

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