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For a regular thursday - or so it appeared when I started my day at a couple of minutes past four this morning - this entry certainly looks oversized. Bear with me, and keep on smiling. I know I do.

I get up, shower and leave for work. I pack some crackers and an apple for lunch, and head off to the car. I notice my replacement mobile phone is dead, I forgot to charge it and instead left it in the car. Ah well, who needs mobile phones anyway?

I exit the expressway E34/N49 and head in the direction of the harbour when my eyes spot something in the middle of the road, about 5 meters ahead of me. I brake and decide to do the "wise" thing and not pull the wheel and crash into the wall, but instead drive over it. Big mistake! The object turned out to be a steel drain connector of about 25cm diameter, and ripped right through my oil carter, sending oil in every direction, but mostly downward - gravity and all, you know. I immediately pull over onto the side and curse loudly. Not that it would help in any way, but it seemed like the correct thing to do.

I get out, grab my safety vest, and start checking things out. Two men come walking towards me, and they say "some lady just told us there was something in the middle of the road. We're doing some signalisation a bit further and we're on our way to see if we can find it."

"Never mind, I found it" I answer and then it all becomes clear to them. There I am, at 5h20 in the middle of pretty much nowhere with a car that's broken down, oil all over the only available lane and no way to contact anyone. Luckily, one of the workers carries a cellphone and lets me borrow it for a second. I call work and explain the situation, and ask them if they can call D. on his mobile because he may drive past me and could then pick me up. To make a long story short, after some time D. arrives and we see what needs to be done.

We both have to be at work, but just leaving the car is not an option. I borrow D's phone and call 112, and request assistance from police and fire department to deal with the spilt oil. They let me finish the call, then answer I should call 101 instead - last time I checked 112 was the emergency number for all services, not just fire and ambulance, but what the heck - I call 101 and get an operator on line.

They take my call and dispatch a local police unit for assistance. I try explaining exactly where the accident happened, but it ain't that easy when you're somewhere on an exit - do you know the correct exit number of the exit you take every day? I don't - crossing from one highway into another. About 20 minutes later we see a patrol car drive by on the highway, lights flashing, but clearly heading in the wrong direction. 10 minutes later they return and finally pull up behind the car. They got incorrect information as to the exact place of the accident.

They quickly assess the situation, throw their car in reverse and block the exit for oncoming traffic. By that time quite some cars and trucks had passed and oil was spread out for at least 100m. They called for assistance from the fire department to come clean the road.

Cutting this part of the story short, a tow truck arrived, and towed the car off to Smart Center Antwerpen. Then there was some problem as to whether or not that service center was approved by the insurance company, but it in the end it won't matter : I'll have to pay for all damages myself because there is no evidence as to whom lost the object I hit. If I have to shell out a load of money, I don't give a crap is the garage is "insurance approved" or not, they won't be paying anyway!

Hilda came pick me up - thanks! - and loaned me the car so I can get to work tomorrow. Then I'll have the weekend and monday to get something organized for my night shifts monday to friday morning. I made some phonecalls, drove over to work to get my medical checkup and guess what : being in car crashes is good for your bloodpressure. Go figure, but it was better than my previous checkup 6 months ago.

The good news is that I'm not injured and it's just my car that's fucked up. The bad news is that I won't be able to get a quote to have it repaired before monday, as the main tech guy of the garage is off ill.

And for hottie... she smokes and thus I lose all interest in her.


As Elise would say... "Shi-crap!" Sounds like an expensive repair on your automobile.

Do you know anything about organic chemistry??? I just took my first test, and out of 36 questions, I knew 2 answers. I know I can get this stuff, but the teacher's never taught chemistry before and got talked into teaching this class when the instructor quit just a few days before class. ARGH. I want my money back for this class!

Unfortunately I know nothing about Chemistry, let alone Organic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry sounds like an expensive name for "Relationship" by the way.

If the teacher is that inexperienced in this class, you're probably not the only one suffering from this problem, Ash. Talk to the others and see if they feel the same about it. Form a group and bring up the problem, it may not make them pay back whatever you paid for the classes, but they could find a solution that'll result in you knowing all kinds of whack ass science stuff that I can't wrap my head round!

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