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Here I am, sitting outside on my balcony, enjoying the rare rays of sun that peek through the clouds. Today is better, weatherwise, than most of August combined. It's pretty warm outside and Tai is enjoying it as well. He has been chasing weeds and comes running over to me to show his catch when he gets one. Funny cat, I tell you!

Waiting for the mailwoman to show up. Before the last reorganization of the postal services, my mail used to show up between ten and eleven at the latest. Nowadays when I leave for work around 12h45 when I'm doing late shifts, I see her somewhere in the street, but no mail has been dropped in my mailbox yet. Now, as I work shifts, it doesn't really matter too much when exactly my mail arrives, but is it too much to ask to get it before noon? Apparently it is.

I'm awaiting a parcel from an ebay seller, who claims to ship immediately, and shipping takes 1 or two days. I ordered and paid on sunday, today is friday... What do you think? Am I being too impatient? Hey, a mail delivery truck just showed up, but he's stopping a few houses away from me. Damn, no new computer toys to play around with today I suppose.

Some kid is crying his brains out on the street for no apparent reason, does that constitute noise pollution?

It's quite funny that no matter what I write about here, none of you readers seem to have an opinion about anything. Or maybe you do have an opinion, but you can't figure out how to post a comment? Over the past few days, I've written about my cat, a Pink concert, international politics and weapons use, computer security and vulnerabilities, sex, TV and movies, ... you name it. No comments, no reactions, no opinions. Strange.

Maybe I should be more explicit, more confronting, more in your face? Or is it that I'm not vague enough, not interesting, or even plain boring? You know what? I don't expect to see answers, why would this entry be any different from the 2701 previous ones when it comes to feedback?

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