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I've got a new and tiny eID and lots of fruit and veggies : 4 honey melons, 1 cucumber, 2kg nectarines, 4 red grapefruits, 1kg apples, 2 corns, 3 pineapples. Should be enough to last me a couple of days :)

I added Google Analytics to the site, so I can get even more detailed stats about visitors, searches and keywords. Not that it is terribly important to any of you, dear readers, but it certainly helps satisfy the inner geek and stats whore in me ;)

That being said - and now that commenting works again - what would you like to see added or changed to this blog? Would you like more content? Less content of a certain type? More or new functionality? Are there any specific things you miss? This is the chance to shape your favorite blog into your most favorite blog!


No techy stuff anymore, never understood those posts....

Improve my favorite blog? Don't know if you can. The impressive computer-technical reports are not my piece of cake. But probably many others profit from the information. I especially like your reports about daily life, in particular when they are flavored with your humor.;-)

kittycat stuff, they make me laugh so hard!!
apart from that, I don't always understand the techy bits but they do remind me when I need to patch my pc hehe

apart from they, I agree with Hilda that everyday life posts are really nice

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