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Oh my... I blame ebay, but I'd rather blame myself I suppose. After toying around with that HP JetDirect 500X at my dad's place, I really got hooked to new tech toys.

I've so far ordered a HP JetDirect EX Plus 3 printer server to attach to the network - should be arriving next week - which is something I can actually use, I'm really interested in a Netgear FVL328 ProSafe Router/firewall/VPN combo appliance - handy but not necessary yet, and - drool - I've spotted a nice 19" server rack located in The Netherlands. Unfortunately, it's welded and I would need a small van to move it. No way it can be disassembled or fit in that little smart of mine.

I don't know why, but a nice 19" server rack just sends chills down my spine. It comes with a glass front door, metal backplate, powerstrip installed, I'd be able to stick so much extra gear in it - imagine the possibilities! Do I need it? Hell no! But girl... I want it!

If only I knew someone with a small van, then I'd totally bid for it, and go pick it up. I could of course rent a truck to go pick it up, but that would make it quite expensive. The question remains : would it fit in my apartment?

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