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Noteworthy TV programs over the next couple of days (according to me) :

Friday 8th : The Bill [Een], Wonderen van de vooruitgang : Brooklyn Bridge [Canvas], The Thin Blue Line [Canvas], NYPD Blue [VTM], September [Nederland 2], Het beste van 'Raymann is laat' [Nederland 3], Dharma & Greg [VTM Zomer]

Saturday 9th : Witte Raven BV [Een], Los Lunes al sol [Canvas], The Hamburg Cell [VTM], The Block Falconplein [VT4], Cinema 2 : 11'09''01 - September 2001 [Nederland 2]

Sunday 10th : ZegNuZelf [Een], Panorama : The Secret History of 9/11 [Canvas], Over Leven : H5N1 Bird Flu Wars [Canvas], Prison Break [Kanaal 2], Open en Bloot [Kanaal 2], Navy NCIS [VT4], Farenheit 9/11 [Nederland 3], Zembla : het complet van 11 september [Nederland 3], Loose Change 2nd Edition [Nederland 3]

Monday 11th : 9/11 The Dat the World Changed [Canvas], The Falling Man [Canvas], Toast Kannibaal [VTM], McLeod's Daughters [VTM], Tegenlicht : Frontline - The Dark Side [Nederland 2], NCRV Dokument : Alles Te Koop [Nederland 3]

Tuesday 12th : The Unit [VTM], The Block Falconplein [VT4], Mongoose Murders [National Geographic]

Wednesday 13th : Secretary [Canvas], The L Word [VT4], VPRO's Import : Parallel Lines [Nederland 2]

Thursday 14th : Rare Streken : Thailand, de parel van het Verre Oosten [Canvas], De wereld van Tarantino : The Village of Sleeping Beauty [Canvas]

As you probably noticed, lots of 9/11 documentaries and movies though I doubt we'll ever know what really happened. When it comes to important events in the timeline of this world, I rate 9/11 just below the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which remains at it's number 1 spot for me. Why? Because 9/11 was a deliberate event to cause as much death, injury and havoc as possible, whereas the Fall of the Berlin Wall was people realizing that it was enough and taking history into their own hands, they created positive history. I have yet to see the first positive effect of 9/11 for everyday people.

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