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Even though I'm having a little problem - see the previous entry - on ebay, I believe one can do good business buying and selling an internationally. Today I purchased a tattoo book I didn't own yet, titled "The New Tattoo" by Victoria Lautam from a seller in the UK, I bought a 19" network rack from a seller in Belgium - it's not the one I was looking at at first, but the other auction only ends tomorrow, so I may end up with 2 racks - and a couple of LED spots (with a GU5.3 fitting) to replace some halogene spots in use here right now.

Those LED spots are just a test case, if they perform as well as I hope they do, I'll replace all of them. Should cut back on the electricity bill, and by doing so offset the higher purchase price. Speaking of which, when I noticed a 35.70 euro shipping charge I contacted the seller and asked him if he considered that a normal price for shipping 3 lamps from Germany to Belgium. He replied within two hours and I'm paying much less in shipping now. I'll keep you up to date on the experiment and how well these spots perform.

Joco, I'll be giving you a call to see if you can give me a hand with the transport of that 19" network rack, but I'll do that tomorrow coz you're probably asleep already. It's currently in Ostend, so it's a bit of a trip to go get it.

Oh, for all who might have forgotten, it's patching tuesday again for MS Windows users. Go grab the latest patches for September now!

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