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I'm lucky, but Caroline, Catharine and Caitlin are even more lucky. The same goes for Cassandra, Carla and Cameron. Notice anything special about these names?

None of them are my girlfriend - for which they are not so lucky - but if they were, I'd probably break them somehow. Try fixing a broken girlfriend - duct tape only takes you that far...

Ok, enough fooling around now, why am I writing all this? Because after breaking my car last week, today my cat broke. Yes indeed, this morning when I wrote Tai wasn't feeling too well a,d something seemed wrong, I was right. I'm always right - well, quite often. When I'm not wrong that is. But when it comes to animals, I tend to be quite observant.

When I got up - I didn't get much sleep because I kept rolling around in bed, thinking about the problem with Tai - he was on the sofa once more, and his belly felt really hard. I gently prodded him in order to get more info on what was going on and was greeted by more meows of doom. Not good, so I started searching for the address of the vet I usually go to, but I couldn't find it. Now that I think of it, the booklet is probably in the car somehow. Anyway, to make a long story short(er) : emergency visit to the vet.

Tai is suffering from Urinary Blockage, which is an emergency and quite possibly life threatening. When I called her and described the symptoms, she said to come over within 5 minutes, she'd be waiting for me in her practice.

He was sedated and a cathether was inserted through his penis in order to relief the immense pressure on his bladder. It all sounds more creepy than it really is, which of course is easy for me to say, as Sophie wasn't stuffing a hose down my urethra. He remains for the night so she can drain the bladder completely and I can go pick him up tomorrow morning after my shift.

Just to be informative towards other cat owners - mostly male cats are prone to suffer from this - here are some symptoms to keep an eye on :

1. A litter-trained cat that suddenly starts urinating outside of the litter box.
2. Urinating small amounts frequently.
3. Blood in the urine
4. Lethargy and decreased appetite and/or increased drinking
5. Excessive licking of genitals
6. Straining in the litter box to urinate (Note: Many owners confuse this with constipation and do not realize the urgency of taking their pet to the hospital).

Car, Cat, what's next?

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