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Let's take a look at the contents of my snail mail box this morning - well afternoon :

- 1 letter from DaimerChrysler/Smart telling me there is a possible problem with my car, and that I should contact my local service center to get it looked at and if necessary some parts replaced. This would take 15 minutes and is free of charge. Good, I'll do that. For people looking for information about this issue, I believe the reference of this recall action is 0604C54J08, and it has something to do with the maintenance intervals not being programmed correctly.

- 1 folder from the Royal Museum for Arts and History in Brussels. Interesting, but no new expositions really caught my eye.

- 2 periodicals, one from CM, the other from the ABVV union. Read them, nothing of interest in them for me.

- 1 promotional folder from CenterParcs that I probably won't even open. I always receive their promotions, but rarely act on them.

- 1 leaflet from OCMW Antwerpen about a local activity they'll be organizing on the 23rd. As I'm not 55+ nor interested, it goes straight to the pile of paper to be recycled.

What I was hoping to see in my mailbox was a HP JetDirect printserver, or at least a note about it from the postal services. Which reminds me... someone was looking for the default password for a JetDirect 500X a couple of days ago. The answer can be found here : Securing HP Jetdirect Print Servers. More interesting stuff at Hacking Network Printers.

Sorry about that folks! Three of my loyal readers just let me know that they love the "life" stories, find the "Cat is Crazy" posts hilarious - of course, having fun at my expense ;) - and the technical posts, well... very few people tend to "get" them. For which I really don't blame them. Nadia made an interesting point though : "I don't always understand the techy bits but they do remind me when I need to patch my pc". Well, that's one of the things I'm aiming for, Nadia! If everyone that reads this blogs becomes even a little more security aware, I'll be quite happy.

Oh, my mobile phone - which I love - seems to be failing in a most inconvenient way : the (back)light of the display ceases to function, making it pretty useless. It started 2 days ago, and now just remains dark, making it hard to call people. Incoming calls are no problem though, I just won't know upfront who it is that calls me ;) And text messaging, forget it, plain impossible. I'll see if I can locate a repair/service center on monday or tuesday. The model is out of production by now, but I figure they'll still have spare parts. I really don't want to get a new one, I love my SE Z600!

I'll try to keep all your whishes in mind when creating new content for the blog, but just as life this blog is in a constant state of flux.

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