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You might wonder how my weekend was, and here I am, telling you all about even before you can ask. As you know, I had things planned (smart meeting in Ostend) but then things went down the drain on thursday, so that rather effectively cancelled my plans for sunday.

Instead I spent it sleeping in, then watching my HT match - let me tell you, my Red Hot Beavers sucks planets into black holes and spits out nothing but losses - and browsing ebay. I watched some episodes of Black Books on DVD and caught fragments of Prison Break. Seems like an interesting serie for as much as I've seen so far. I also caught some Navy NCIS, the evening news and NYPD Blue.

In between all that passive TV intake, I got notice that Privoxy was updated to version 3.0.5 and I installed it on my machines. I can't just sit down and watch TV it seems. I have to be doing other things at the same time.

Open & Bloot on Kanaal 2 was about "extreme" sex but I really dislike the term "extreme" in itself : your extreme might be my normal and vice versa. It's not because I don't like Coprophilia, that I'd call you extreme if you do. It's just a taste, a preference and we all like different things - which is what makes the world so interesting, doesn't it?

While on the subject of sex, is anal sex (still) considered extreme by a majority of people? Who cares! If you like taking or giving it up the arse, then by all means do so... I'm not particulary fond of it, but if it pleases my partner, I don't see why not. I'm more of a pussy lover ;)

Tomorrow I'll call to get a quote for getting my car fixed - I hope it won't be too expensive - and I'll send out my insurance forms even though they won't pay any of the damage. They should pick up the bill for the assistance of the fire department though. 4 nightshifts this week, then D & K's wedding on saturday, P!NK on sunday, late shift starting on monday.

D. called me today (not the same D. that's getting married) and complained about computer problems once again. Last time she begged for assistance, I replied to her mail explaining what she could do to solve the problem, or what it would cost if she wanted me to come over and fix it for her. Never heard from her again until a couple of hours ago. Now it's all important and urgent again, well I don't have transport and I certainly don't feel like dropping everything because you ran into problems again. I told her to bring the machine over so I could have a look at it, but she told me to call whenever I saw an opportunity to stop over at her place. I'm starting to think it won't happen this week (evil laughter).

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