19 inch is too large to handle (alone)

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I scrapped the mobile phone repair attempts for the day, and after getting in touch with Joco and the ebay seller, I picked up Joco's mini van and drove off to Ostend to pick up my 19 inch rack. And a nice one it is too, especially considering the fact that I paid 36 euro for it!

The drive was easy - GPS is such a usable tool - and we were able to get the rack downstairs and loaded into the car without too much problems. The side panels and front door were taken off, so that lightened the weight considerably. Then after getting home with it, I realized I had a bit of an issue : we loaded the rack into the car by the two of us (the seller and I) but when I got home, it was just me. I got the door and side panels out, then disassembled the remaining 2 trays and carried all of that upstairs, using the elevator. Now, the frame which still is heavy, is something else. Using some very creative carrying techniques I got it in front of the elevator, but now I had to make it fit. Metal bars don't give way too easily and you can't just bend them in order to fit.

After taking some measurements, I decided it would fit, and it sure did - barely. I had about 5mm to spare at each side, but it got up alright! I had to take the stairs though ;)

Once it was unloaded and inside - right in the middle of my hall, but inside nevertheless - I took the car back to Joco and Eef after filling it up for 50%. Joco warned me not to risk returning it topped up, so I complied, lol.

The past 2 hours I've spent cleaning the rack and assembling it again. I've done two trays already and the side panels are latched on as well, but the rest will have to wait for tomorrow. Off to bed now after I've caught up with mails and other outstanding things.

Oh, that other rack I was following on ebay, that sold for 153.5 euro, more than I was willing to shell out for it anyway, even if it was nicer.

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