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I've got nothing new to report really, so I wonder why I'm writing this entry. Tai is playing around with one of his new toys, and outside it's raining. At least the heat is gone for the time being, and I'm not sorry about it at all.

Yesterday we had a unexperienced colleague in the team and after he did one of his tasks, I went out and checked everything myself. The task he was assigned wasn't even that difficult, though it was his first time doing it. I'd rather not have him around because although he seemed quite promising to start off with, he proves to be a man that answers affirmative when asked if he knows what to do, yet clearly shows he has not a clue when out in the field.

When one gives him tips or explains something, he doesn't consider it necessary to take notes. I have no problem with people asking me for help once, twice or as many times as necessary, but I can't stand people that consider my time and effort to be trivial or show no appreciation for it. He was expecting to be my backup tonight, but I made it quite clear that he'll be working the site today as well.

It seems I had something to tell you all after all :)

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