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Tuesday August 29th
Andes to Amazon : A guide to Wild South America [La Deux - 14h15]
TerZake Zomer : Prisoners of Katrina [Canvas - 20h00]
The Human Zoo [Canvas - 20h50]
Telefacts Zomer : Hugh Hefner [VTM - 21h00]
The Last Boy Scout [VT4 - 21h05]
Traffic Cops [VTM - 21h55]
Blackadder goes forth [Canvas - 23h50]
NYPD Blue [VTM - 00h00]
Cops [Kanaal 2 - 01h35]

Wednesday 30th
TerZake Zomer : Too hot not to handle [Canvas - 20h00]
Flikken [Een - 21h05]
Hero (Ying xiong) [VT4 - 22h05]

Thursday 31st
Dangerous Encounters : Dens of Danger [Nation Geographic Channel - 20h00]
Rare Streken : Africa's Predators in Crisis [Canvas - 20h50]
De Donderdag Documentaire : Kleur in de klas [Nederland 1 - 22h55]

Do you know of interesting programs that I overlooked? If so, please leave a comment and tell me why you think I'd love to see it...

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