United 93

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After getting a recommendation from Dimi to definitely go see United 93, I did today.

I have to agree, it's a stunning movie which grabs you right by the balls. I can't find words to describe the atmosphere. We all know how United flight 93 ended. Go see for yourself.

There are a few points that I'd to write something about, though. The various control rooms you see in action, whether it be civilian or military, are life like : lack of information, split second decisions, wrong information, waiting for orders to be executed, requests for authorisations not being answered... While it may seem the control room is in "control", it rarely is. They gather information, distribute it, give and follow orders and seem to play a game of chess. Often blindfolded. If at that point the various pieces refuse to move, or move slower or in the wrong direction, the game is over rather quickly.

On a side note : "pay peanuts, get monkeys". What do you expect in a case of emergency? A motivated team works hard to get a general view of the situation, taking fast yet informed decisions while taking into account developments that may or may not happen in the very near future (during the course of the incident), or a crew that works because they're assigned a certain task but that refuses to step up when needed?

A good atmosphere often signals a good crew. Good atmosphere doesn't create itself, one needs to work at it, every day. Paying people well, giving them feedback and appreciation pays itself off numerous times during the time a team works together. A small investment for a huge profit, who wouldn't want that?

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