The golden cat returns

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A limp, a bill for 214,5 euro but Tai has nothing else to show for his unsuccessful basejump. I just picked him up and he looks fine. As I wrote, he's still limping a bit, but that should get better over time as the tendons en sinews regain their original length. They've been stretched when his toes got dislocated, but luckily nothing was broken.

When I asked the doctor if he would have learned from the experience, he said no. Cats don't learn and can easily get distracted again, forgetting they're up a small ridge three stories high when a leaf comes floating by on the wind, and decide to chase it again. He suggested making sure that Tai can't get up there again, but that's kind of difficult if you ask me. I've got a full day off from work on saturday, so I can think about constructing something that won't block the view, but will stop him from trying to jump or walk the railing. The doctor suggested a parachute.

I suggest a firm kick in the ass if he ever tries something like that again.

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