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It is pouring outside, which sucks. I go to one or two concerts a year, and today is one of those rare occasions : Neerpelt Open Air. Anyway, there is a positive side to that as well, and I'm gonna focus on that : I can take precautions against the rain. If it were to start raining while at the concert, it would be worse :)

So... sunday I'm organizing another gaming afternoon, should be fun. People actually asked to do it again, so I take it they had fun the last time around. Which pleases me. I'll have to do some cleaning up around the apartment first though, so that'll happen on saturday afternoon. Then some shopping for snacks, drinks. I also planned to paper the bedroom wall, but that may possibly happen on monday.

That's it for now... Tai is playing outside - yay, rain - and then running in with wet paws. Gotta love the company!

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